Devi Yoga | Curiosity = Fun
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Curiosity = Fun

Curiosity is the spice of life. I have had friends tell me that I am a bit like a laborador puppy. I like to play and am almost always up for exploring, especially if someone will do it with me. I get excited and energetic and animated. And like a laborador puppy this trait can (I’ve been told) be endearing or slightly annoying…

I have always been curious. I grew up on a farm. Fortunate enough to have the feedom to raom over 500 acres. With a slew of siblings, dogs, cats, horses, etc… I could always find someone willing to explore with me. I love(d) nature and more ofen than not you would find me off by myself deeply intent on exploring how things work and how they relate to each other. We had a creek running through our farm and countless hours could be wasted (or wisely spent, depending on perspective) catching tadpoles and sorting them by stages of development, or tracing the wild grapevine from fruit to roots, digging clay out of the wet creek banks and trying to make a pot that would hold water when dried in the sun.

My curiosity is still a steadfast feature of my personality and I am still asking why although I have learned to shape my questions into something I think might be interesting/useful to me and the person I’m asking.

My dear friend Renee said to me recently “ you always know exactly the right question to ask”, so perhaps my why’s are less irritating, but certainly no less persistent.

Of course these days, I choose friends and clients who are also curious because it’s always more fun to have company on these journeys of exploration.

Luckily for me, I have always found jobs where curiosity is an asset. These days, my journey’s of exploration are more often through interior landscapes, exploring with a friend or client who they are, how they show up in the world and most importantly how to find and express their true nature. I don’t’ ask my friends to line up according to their stages of development but I do still find each one of them fascinating and am so grateful that I have the joy of using my innate curiosity and the honor of sharing their exploration.

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