Devi Yoga | About Me
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About Me

I am passionate about using body wisdom
and brain science to transform your life

I have always been a voracious learner, curious about the world around me. As a child, I grew up on a beautiful ranch in Northern California with lots of nature to explore, lots of wild and ranch animals (including several brothers and sisters). I spent hours outdoors figuring out how things worked, often bringing them back to my microscope to examine them more closely. My favorite question was, “Why?”


As the youngest of a chaotic brood of eight, keen observation of human nature was part of my survival strategy. In college, I translated this into a degree in psychology, focusing on biology psychology and attachment dynamics. I dove deeper into nature, working in environmental education, and finally returning to graduate school for an M.S. studying oak woodland ecology and management.


My natural curiosity, tenacious observation skills and training in psychology and science are an important part of what makes me good at what I do. This combination helps give structure to my work and the questions I ask.


But I think what really informs my process with clients is that I’ve been there! I may not know exactly what they are going through, or the challenges they face, but life has thrown me plenty of my own.


Difficulty is part of the human experience. For me, it has created a tenacious determination to take each experience life gives me, understand it and use it to become stronger—to create a better life full of more compassion, equanimity, and happiness! My own quest for growth, transformation, and healing inspires my unique approach to helping others. My process includes yoga, psychology, brain science, and common sense mixed with mainstream mysticism, and it continues to evolve and inform my work.


I am passionate about understanding how my clients think, feel, and create meaning in their lives—their challenges and their strengths (super powers?). This is what helps us create a roadmap of new skills, ideas and habits that will transform their lives, bringing freedom, joy, and balance.


Client Testimonial:

“I’m not a spiritual or religious person. I need to see it to believe it. With Julie, I see and feel positive results in my body, my mood and my sense of equanimity. What Julie does is beyond just great intuition. She somehow reads the signals from my body that I am not even aware of, and when she reflects them back to me in words, I find myself saying “yes, that’s it, exactly.” I feel heard and understood, without saying a word.”


Whether you have experienced a recent trauma or have spent years feeling anxious, depressed or simply not quite happy, if you are ready to commit time, energy and attention, I can help you!