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Join me on an inner adventure!

My favorite part about my work is the complexity of people! No two clients need exactly the same thing in their practice or path to freedom. Since everyone approaches this work differently, I have a range of ways for people to access my services.

I work individually, with groups, in person and through Skype. I find (and research supports this) that the most effective way for most people to see change is to commit to a minimum of six weeks. My pricing reflects this.

However, before embarking on a six-week journey, it is important to be sure we have the right fit between client and yoga therapist, so I offer a couple ways for people to try out my services before making a longer commitment.

Individual Packages

FREE 30-minute Consultation

An opportunity for us to meet and for you to experience how I work.

Single Roadmap Session

A 2-hour session, for those who like to go it on their own a bit more, to develop a customized personal practice and create a roadmap to a more balanced life.


6 Week Rut Buster

A 7+ hour program to help you create your personalized roadmap to a more calm and joyful life.

o  2 hour foundational assessment/kick-off session

o   Five 1-hour one to one sessions

o   Customized weekly assignments to
 reduce anxiety and increase focus.

o   E-mail support

o   15 minute RESET phone call to help you stay on track


Monthly Package: Bring in the Balance

A customized monthly program for those dedicated to finding and maintaining more balance in their lives. This program will help you develop your personal practice as well as help you build a roadmap to a more calm and joyful life.

o  2 hour foundational assessment session

o   Three 1-hour one to one sessions per month

o   Customized weekly assignments

o   One 15-minute breakthrough phone call

o   Recordings of sessions

o   Email support

Bonus: Recorded guided 20-minute meditation to relax and strengthen your brain

Bonus: Recorded 5-minute stress-busting breath practice


Premium 3 Month Package: Flex Your Joy Muscles!

Are your joy muscles underdeveloped or underused? This customized 3 month package helps you build the toolbox you need to develop those joy muscles and create a personalized roadmap to finding and exercising more joy in your life.

o  2 hour foundational assessment/kick-off session

o   Nine 1 hour one to one sessions

o   Weekly customized assignments to build your toolbox

o   Email support

o   Two 15-minute breakthrough phone calls when you need extra support!

o   Recordings of sessions

Bonus: Recorded guided 30-minute meditation to relax and strengthen your brain

Bonus: Recorded 5-minute stress-busting breath practice


Workshops & Classes

FREE Group Meditation Class

Silent seated meditation group is offered twice a week for anyone who wants to sit in community.  Tuesday and Thursdays 12:15-12:45 at 116 S. School St.

If you are new to mediation or re-starting and would like some guidance you can arrive at 12:00pm and I will be available to get you settled and on your way.

The Yoga of Self Care

The Yoga of Self Care: A six-week course for busy women, dedicated to the art and science of self-care.

Everyone talks about self-care, we all have an idea that it is good for us, but really what is it? From my perspective, whether you are stressed from a hectic life or working with chronic anxiety, depression or trauma, self-care is about becoming friends with your body. It is a process that we have to learn and practice. It is the art of learning to listen, feel and know what you need. The science of knowing why it’s important and the practice of creating habits that nourish you. This is the Yoga of Self Care.

If you are a busy woman, working mom or just stressed out, I have designed a class that is just for you! Specifically for women, this small group supportive environment is designed to get you started (or re-started) on the path to treating yourself like your best friend. This six-week class will include Asana (physical postures of yoga), Pranayama (breath work), guided meditation and practical steps to increase your stress busting skills. Each week will emphasize a different skill building your ability to stress proof your brain. A mix of learning and doing, this class is limited to 5 participants and is as much of a WorkIn as a workout. Between classes, participants will have access to recorded files that include guided mediations, yoga practices and reflective exercises. You will leave class with weekly handouts that include additional information on the weeks topic, self-care exercises, resources to checkout, and tips to take with you to build your “off the mat” yoga practice.

Each participant will make a pledge to commit themselves to spend the time, energy and attention learning to develop their own practice of self-care.

Class begins January 17th, space is limited to 5 participants per session and payment is due at time of sign up, registrations are fully transferable but non refundable.

Session 1: 12:00-1:00
Session 2: 5:30-6:45

Sign up HERE:

3 Hour Working Session

Contact us for details.

60 Minute Group Sessions

Contact us for details.

Corporate Workshops & Speakerships

Contact us for details.

iRest Practices

Stressful event can change the structure and function of the brain. Whether it is the long-term affect of an abusive childhood or a one-time event like the death of a loved one or loss of a house, these events can cause changes in our brain and nervous system.  These changes can impact our ability to function in the world, affecting our mental and physical health.

Research shows that meditation (and other mindfulness practices) can help preventing and reverse the changes that lead to PTSD, anxiety and depression. These iRest recordings are a series of three guided visualization, relaxation and meditation practices to help you sort through your experiences, sensations, emotions and thoughts, and cultivate a sense of peace and relaxation, leading to less stress, better sleep and improved well being.