Devi Yoga | transformation
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Desire and Longing

What do you know about your heart’s longing for life? Late at night, between sleep and slumber, when our guard is down and we feel the vast possibilities reflected in the night sky, what do you long for? What secret desire wants to express itself through you? If you could be–just be–the truest expression of your secret heart, how would that look?   How different is that from the you who presents yourself to the world when the dreamy sleep falls away and you get up to meet the bright light of day? Where is that innocence, curiosity, awe that we started with? How many ways has it been stifled, beaten out of you, rejected, hidden? Do you dare to even know it? Can you remember? Can you feel it now–even if you simultaneously deny it–can you hear the whisper of it calling you back to yourself?   Imagine what it would be like...

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